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Join Michelle from Palo Santo Yoga for Pre-School Yoga every Wednesday 1-2pm

Possibly unlike any yoga class you have ever attended before!

Pre-schoolers can often find it difficult to focus for long periods of time, so our Pre-school yoga classes are split up into different sections to keep their attention. We use simpler names for poses and often make sounds along with them. We also use nursery rhymes and stories incorporated into our sessions. This helps them to learn vocabulary and rhymes as well as yoga.

Our Pre-school yoga invites one grown-up and one pre-schooler to take part in each session – this can be anyone from a child-minder to a grandparent or a parent to another family member or friend. All we ask is that the Grown up is aged 18 years or over and is willing to take part and have fun!

For more info contact Michelle on Palosantoyoga@yahoo.com or via Facebook.

To book your space use the link https://app.gymcatch.com/provider/1262