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Rolling 5 weeks beginners kundalini yoga.

In class you will learn the 1000s of years old kundalini yoga teachings of exercise, breath, mantra, mudra & meditation and be given a technology on how to get the best out of your body, mind & spirit..

Kundalini yoga was brought to the western world by Yogi Bhajan in the swinging 60’s.. A time recognised by many as the hippie cultural revolution. A time when people searched for expanded consciousness, sometimes aided by drugs and half-baked mysticism, they were going about it all wrong. To reach your highest consciousness it can only be done BY YOU CONNECTING TO YOU not chemicals nor alcohol.. You go within practicing yoga & meditation.. And that’s how East met West; a new spirituality that combined ancient knowledge with modern practicality.

You can either sign up to a 5 week block booking (£30), to start when you wish, no need to wait for the next round or drop in to each class (£7).

email: lindsay@lindsayhamberg.com