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Venue Hire Terms & Conditions



“The Venue” means Zone 22 and its Managers acting on its behalf.

“Authorised Person” means the Partners and Managers of Zone 22 or person acting on His/Her behalf.

“Scale of charges” means the scale of charges for the hire of the Venue including any optional items or services specified by the Hirer and shall include VAT or other tax if applicable.

“Hirer” means the person who signs the booking form for the hire of the Venue and is the person responsible for compliance with the conditions of letting. Where the Venue is hired by a company the company shall be jointly and severally liable with the person signing on its behalf. The Hirer must be over the age of 18 and bookings for parties to be attended by minors shall only be accepted from responsible adults.

  1. a) The Hirer shall pay to the Venue the full amount agreed on confirmation of the booking of the Venue. Payment must be made at least 7 days in advance of any class or event.

If the booking is cancelled by the hirer the payment will not be refunded.

  1. b) Full payment for the booking must be paid by the Hirer no later than 7 days before the event date. Failure to pay will entitle the Authorised Person to cancel the booking and refuse admission to the Venue.
  2. c) Payment shall include the cost of furniture (tables and chairs) at the Venue and kitchen equipment, together with all heating and lighting used during the hiring.
  3. d) Any additional or variable items such as refreshments will be agreed with the Authorised Person before the event.

The Hirer shall:

  1. a) Be allowed the use of the Venue only for the use specified on the booking form.
  2. b) Have access to the Venue only during the period of hiring. Any access required by the Hirer, caterers, disco/band, etc shall be included within the period of hiring as will the inclusion of clearing up time after the close of the event.
  3. c) Adhere to the period of hiring or become liable for further charges in accordance with the Venue’s charges.
  4. d) Be responsible for any damage to the Venue or its contents occurring during the period of hire and reimburse the Venue for any repair or replacement costs necessitated by the hiring.
  5. e) Leave the Venue at the end of the hiring in as good order and condition as at the commencement of the hiring.
  6. f) Remove all items brought into the Hall at the end of the hiring, including presents, cakes, equipment, etc. as no storage is possible.
  7. g) Comply immediately with any request from the Authorised Officer to reduce the level of amplified sound.

The Hirer shall not:

  1. h) Assign or sublet the Venue or any part of it.
  2. i) Bring any items into the Venue without prior agreement, including furniture, fittings, structures, additional lighting, plants, posters or advertisements.
  3. j) Any items brought into the Venue with permission of the Authorised Person may only be used or secured for use as authorised by the Authorised Person. Such items must be considered fit for use and fireproofed and all electrical items must have a Portable Appliance Test Certificate where appropriate which shall be provided two weeks prior to the hiring.
  4. k) Arrange for deliveries to the Venue unless agreed with the Authorised Officer.
  5. l) Use amplification equipment other than that provided by the Venue unless agreed to with an Authorised Person prior to the event..
  6. m) Use the Venue for any other purpose than specified on the booking form.
  7. n) Sell any goods unless previously authorised by the Venue.
  1. a) At birthday or other parties involving persons under 18 there must be at least one adult present for every twenty minors.
  2. b) The Hirer must arrange for the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service checks to be carried out on instructors, coaches or other supervisors running or organising such activities, and provide positive confirmation of its commitment to safeguarding by production of their written policy.

The Hirer shall:

  1. a) Ensure that all entrances exits doorways and corridors are kept clear and unobstructed.
  2. b) Ensure that good order is kept in the Venue during the period of hire.
  3. c) Admit any officials including Police Officers to the Venue during the hiring as deemed advisable by the Authorised Person and shall bear any costs incurred.
  4. d) Provide at hirer’s expense attendants as deemed necessary by the Authorised Person to maintain good order during the function.
  5. e) Comply with all security measures as deemed advisable by the Authorised Person, and will ensure all persons comply with such measures.

The Hirer shall not:

  1. e) Allow any drunkenness or disorder and shall expel any person causing a disturbance.
  2. f) Allow the number of persons admitted to the Venue to exceed the maximum number permitted by the Venue.

Re. Smoke Machines

  1. g)  The use of smoke machines is restricted.

The Authorised Person has the right to refuse admission and to eject patrons in the interest of Public Order and Safety.


The Hirer shall not:

  1. a) Advertise any event until the Booking Form has been completed and agreed.

The Hirer shall:

  1. a) Be responsible for obtaining consent for any performance of a dramatic or musical work to which copyright applies.

The Hirer shall not:

  1. a) Allow transmission of television or radio recording from the Venue without prior consent of the Authorised Person.

Other venues

  1. a) If the Hirer wishes to provide their own  bar for the function, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to arrange for a licensee to obtain the necessary licence and provide a copy of the licence to the Authorised Person seven days prior to the event.

The Hirer shall comply with all relevant statutes, regulations and licences and shall indemnify the Venue against any loss, damage costs or other expenses that may be incurred in consequence of the breach or non-observance of any such legal requirements.

  1. a) The Venue shall not be responsible to the Hirer or any other person using the Venue for damage, theft or removal of property brought into or left in the Venue.
  2. b) The Hirer shall indemnify the Venue against all actions proceedings and claims made against the Venue in respect of loss damage or injury by any person caused in relation to the Hirer’s use of the Venue unless such claim is caused by the Venue’s negligence.
  1. a) Payment is non refundable if hirer cancels.
  1. b) The Venue may cancel a hiring if the Venue is unusable due to breakdown of machinery or damage to premises, and will refund the fee, but not otherwise be liable to the Hirer.

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Venue and the Hirer is required to ensure that this is enforced.


The Hirer must comply with all requirements of the Authorised Person for compliance with these conditions. The Authorised Person may suspend or cancel the hiring if the Hirer fails to comply with the conditions of hire or any request reasonably made by the Authorised Person.


The Hirer must ensure that it has procedures relating to the protection of Children and Vulnerable adults. This responsibility extends from who is allowed to use photographic/film/video equipment, to where and where not equipment is used and what images are and are not allowed to be taken. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all participants and their parents/guardians/ carers if under 16 are aware that photographic/filming/video equipment is going to be used. Where appropriate they must be required to get written permission from participants or their parents/guardians/carers to use the photographs in publicity, promotional or media material.